You Should Know !! Cheap Auto Insurance in 30 Minutes - How to Get the Best Coverage Fast and Easy - Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap Auto Insurance

You Should Know !! Cheap Auto Insurance in 30 Minutes - How to Get the Best Coverage Fast and Easy - Cheap Auto Insurance

I'm writing this article as I remember a time when I was pulled over for having expired tabs on the vehicle I was driving. When I pulled to the side of the road I was asked for the usual license, registration, and proof of insurance. While I produced the first two with no problem, I had trouble finding the insurance card. Since I didn't have the card in my possession the officer wrote me a nice $500 ticket for having no proof. This is where my quest to find cheap auto insurance in 30 minutes started.

You see the vehicle that I was driving was given to me by my uncle but the title hadn't been officially transferred and although the vehicle had insurance, I wasn't named as a driver on the policy. This means that I was on the hook for at least part of the ticket because as it turns out, I was a driver need to have my insurance. I only found this out after I trekked all the way downtown to the City/County building and stood in line for what seemed like forever. After I was told that I couldn't be retroactively put on the policy after the ticket was issued, I set out to find some cheap auto insurance in 30 minutes.

The city/county building was surrounded by bails bondsmen businesses, attorneys at law, and other similar services providers but no building marquees were advertising for vehicle coverage. So I decided to go where I knew there was an insurance office and when I got there I walked inside to meet a guy who looked like I was the first customer he had seen all day. I told this guy that I was looking for cheap auto insurance in 30 minutes and ask could he help me.

He said yes of course and we got started right away. He asks me some particulars about me like my address, my name, and the type of vehicle I'd like to insure. When I told him that I wasn't the official owner of the vehicle yet, he didn't miss a beat and put me on to some insurance called "non-owner operators" insurance. This type of coverage protects my interests in case of an accident. I was even able to get an additional level of protection against uninsured motorists that may injure me. I was determined to get cheap auto insurance in 30 minutes and now I'm one step closer.

I was excited about getting my very own insurance when the agent asked me if I rented or owned. Back then I rented and he told me how I could save even more money if I bundled my auto insurance with a renter's policy that would protect the stuff I own. I didn't realize all the gadgets I had until I wrote out a list. Finally, my insurance agent asked for my email address and informed me that if I were to commit to paying automatically each month that I could get yet another discount. I ended up saving a ton of money that day and I was able to get cheap auto insurance in 30 minutes. Good thing because I needed every bit of the cash to pay for that ticket.

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